• U-49900 [THE LEGEND]


The legend is here. Confirmed by our tester to be very high quality Opioid. This product can be shipped each time we have 5kg orders. We can't produce less than 5kg for this product. Right now we got 4kgs orders so very soon we will ship all orders. We highly recommend you to make an order and to receive this great product.

Right now we have 50 grams in stock. So you will make an order for 1 gram we will ship the product for us 1 day after you payment made. IF you want to get the sample we highly recommend you to make an order soon as possible.

U49900, $9500/kg.
    If up to 2kg, we can offer 5% discount. $9025/kg.
    If up to 3kg, we can offer 8% discount. $8740/kg.
    If up to 5kg, we can offer 9% discount. $8645/kg.
    If more than 10kg, we can offer 10% discount. $8550/kg.



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U-49900 [THE LEGEND]

  • Product Code: U-49900 [TOP QUALITY]
  • Availability: 9999996
  • $170.00

  • 2 or more $150.00
  • 5 or more $100.00
  • 10 or more $80.00
  • 20 or more $65.00
  • 50 or more $55.00
  • 100 or more $40.00
  • 200 or more $30.00
  • 500 or more $15.00
  • 1000 or more $9.50
  • 2000 or more $9.03
  • 3000 or more $8.74
  • 5000 or more $8.65
  • 10000 or more $8.55

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